DrBrown's Deluxe Electric Bottle & Food Warmer (Type G plug)
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DrBrown's Deluxe Electric Bottle & Food Warmer (Type G plug)

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Product Description

DrBrown's Deluxe Electric Bottle & Food Warmer (Type G plug)

Deluxe bottle warmer is designed for a quick and a healthy way to warm baby’s bottle or food. Fits all Dr. Brown’s baby bottles, and most other brands, too


  • LCD Control Panel
  • One-Button Operation
  • Cycle Memory
  • Programmable
  • BPA Free


1. A water reservoir that is refillable so the user only needs to add water to the appliance every 6-12 bottle warming cycles. Plus the added benefit of not needing to empty the remaining water after each use.

2. An adjustable removable basket that configures for easy, fast and reliable warming of all seven Dr. Brown’s bottle sizes. Standard size food jars can be heated. Pacifier and small nursery items can be sterilized. The unit will also hold many competitive bottle sizes.

3. A hinged lid on top of the heating chamber is always closed during the warming cycle to keep steam inside the appliance which creates more efficient and safer heating in less time. Opens for easy access to remove the bottle or jar.

4. A user programmable warming cycle. This appliance allows the user to determine the appropriate heating time based on the starting temperature of the formula and the size of the bottle and keep that time stored in the unit’s memory. This results in a 1-button start function for quicker bottle warming.

5. A 4-button digital keypad to set time and turn the appliance on/off. The “last time programmed” is stored in memory and is displayed when the appliance is turned on. The LCD timer counts down. There is an audible 5-beep alarm with flashing LCD when the heating cycle is complete.

6. A backlit display for use at night.

7. Automatic power off after 10 minutes.

8. Automatic over-heating shutdown switch.

9. A polarized plug.

10. Soft feet for stability.

11. Convenient cord storage on the bottom of the unit.

12. ETL listed.

UNPACKING: (FIGURE 1 to 3 Provided with the user manual only)

When unpacking the appliance for the first time, carefully remove and dispose of all packing materials. Simply snap the hinged lid in place making sure the parts are fully engaged, and you’re ready to start to use. (SEE FIGURE 1) PREPARING FOR USE: 1. Position the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow ™ Deluxe Bottle Warmer on any convenient flat surface. Be sure to place it and the electrical cord out of the reach of children. NOTE: Always ensure the appliance is unplugged when inserting the water reservoir. 2. Remove the water reservoir from the right side of the main housing. 3. Turn the water reservoir upside down so the small fill opening is facing up. Fill the reservoir with water through that opening. (SEE FIGURE 2) 4 FIGURE 2 FIGURE 1 4. Position the short neck of the fill opening (with the reservoir’s flat side up) into the bottom of the slot on the appliance’s right side. Pivot the reservoir up to a vertical position and snap into place. (SEE FIGURE 3) Make sure it’s held firmly in place. 5. The water reservoir will now automatically fill the heating chamber inside the appliance to the proper level. NOTE: The Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow™ Deluxe Bottle Warmer is unique and convenient because you don’t have to fill the reservoir every time you want to use it. The translucent reservoir also acts as a gauge. Simply keep your eye on the fluid level and refill the reservoir when you can no longer see water inside the reservoir. 6. Insert the polarized plug into a standard 120V wall outlet.


These following times are to be used as a preliminary guide only. There are many variables that can affect how fast this appliance warms a bottle or food container, such as the size of the container, the exact starting temperature of the contents and the type of liquid/food being warmed. All of these factors will impact how the appliance heats the contents and the final temperature that is reached. When you begin to use this appliance, you will need to make adjustments to the length of time to achieve the most appropriate final temperature. The appliance will keep the “last time used” in memory so once you determine the best time for a specific size bottle, you can simply insert another bottle and press the start button. Use the following chart as a STARTING POINT ONLY to estimate the proper time for the appropriate heating cycle. Start by using information from the chart but adjust the length of time based on the actual results you achieve.


THIS WARMER FEATURES AN 8-MINUTE CYCLE LIMIT TO AVOID OVERHEATING FOR THE SAFETY OF MOM AND BABY. STANDARD BOTTLE STARTING TEMPERATURE ESTIMATED TIME (before warming) (minutes) 2 oz. Plastic Room temperature (72°F) 2:10 2 oz. Plastic Refrigerator (40°F) 3:00 2 oz. Plastic Freezer (0°F) 8:00 + :30 4 oz. Plastic Room temperature (72°F) 2:30 4 oz. Plastic Refrigerator (40°F) 3:55 4 oz. Plastic Freezer (0°F) 8:00 + 1:05 8 oz. Plastic Room temperature (72°F) 3:00 8 oz. Plastic Refrigerator (40°F) 5: 00 8 oz. Plastic Freezer (0°F) 8:00 + 3:30 5 FIGURE 3 STANDARD BOTTLE STARTING TEMPERATURE ESTIMATED TIME (before warming) (minutes) 4 oz. Glass Room temperature (72°F) 2:00 4 oz. Glass Refrigerator (40°F) 2:50 4 oz. Glass Freezer (0°F) 7:00 8 oz. Glass Room temperature (72°F) 2:30 8 oz. Glass Refrigerator (40°F) 4:20 8 oz. Glass Freezer (0°F) 8:00 + 2:10


CAUTION: If using glass bottles, use only glass thermo-resistant bottles, as sudden temperature change may cause glass to break.

WIDE-NECK BOTTLE STARTING TEMPERATURE ESTIMATED TIME (before warming) (minutes) 4 oz. Plastic Room temperature (72°F) 2:20 4 oz. Plastic Refrigerator (40°F) 4:00 4 oz. Plastic Freezer (0°F) 8:00 + 3:00 8 oz. Plastic Room temperature (72°F) 3:20 8 oz. Plastic Refrigerator (40°F) 5: 35 8 oz. Plastic Freezer (0°F) 8:00 + 6:10 FOOD JAR STARTING TEMPERATURE ESTIMATED TIME (before warming) (minutes) 4 oz. Room temperature (72°F) 2:30 4 oz. Refrigerator (40°F) 2:45 CAUTION: Heating frozen food jars with this warmer is NOT RECOMMENDED.

Always thaw them first. Never heat an empty bottle or jar in this product. PACIFIER OR SMALL ACCESSORY STERILIZATION ESTIMATED TIME Pacifier 2:00


1. Remove any protective cap, position the bottle or jar in the basket and then place it into the heating chamber. NOTE: The basket has 2 parts. The bottom section can be turned upside down so that smaller bottles sit higher up in the heating chamber and are easier to remove. (SEE FIGURE 4) CAUTION: Before warming any size of Dr. Brown’s bottles in this appliance, loosen the collar and nipple ½ turn. Failure to loosen these parts may cause pressure to build up inside the bottle during the warming process 6 FIGURE 4 and a small amount of milk may be forced back out through the bottle’s internal venting system. This will not harm the contents of the bottle. However, if this happens, pour out any water remaining in the appliance’s heating chamber and reservoir, and refill the reservoir with fresh water.

NOTE: To empty the heating chamber, unplug the product and remove the reservoir from the side. With the cover open, tip the unit over a sink with the reservoir opening facing up and drain any remaining fluid from inside the heating chamber through the top opening.

2. Close the cover. Never use this appliance without the basket insert in place and properly adjusted for the bottle or jar size. CAUTION: DO NOT open the lid of the heating chamber once the heating cycle has been started.

3. Press any button on the keypad (except O) to display the “last time used”. If correct, press >. If you want to adjust the time, press the up arrow button to increase the length of time or the down arrow button to decrease the time. (NOTE: Pressing and holding an arrow button will cause the timer display to change very fast. To change the timer slowly, push and release the arrow button so the numbers move incrementally. Once the display shows the desired time, press start button. (SEE FIGURE 5)

4. When the heating cycle is complete the display will flash 00:00 for 60 seconds and then shut off. At that time, there will be 5 audible beeps that indicate that cycle time you selected is complete and the bottle or food is ready to be removed from the appliance. You can open the top of the product at this point. NOTE: You can turn the appliance off anytime by pressing the O button. CAUTION: Be careful of the steam rising out from the heating chamber. DO NOT put your hands on or around the heating chamber during or immediately after the heating cycle.

5. Grasp the side tabs of the basket and remove it immediately to prevent residual heating. Place it on the countertop and remove the bottle or jar. (SEE FIGURE 6)

6. Gently swish the fluid in the bottle around or stir the food thoroughly so the temperature becomes uniform throughout the container.

7. ALWAYS TEST THE TEMPERATURE OF THE FLUID OR FOOD BEFORE FEEDING YOUR BABY. NOTE: The appliance is programmed to automatically reduce the time for an additional heating cycle started within 15 minutes of the end of the previous 7 FIGURE 5 FIGURE 6 cycle. If you heat a second bottle immediately, you will see that time is reduced by a pro-rated amount unless you override the feature and set a new time yourself. NOTE: The appliance is equipped with an internal sensor that will automatically shut the unit off if it gets too hot or runs out of water. The switch will automatically reset once the unit cools down. NOTE: For microbiological and hygienic reasons, once milk or food is heated, it should not be re-heated again and should be discarded if not used immediately. Please consult your health professional for further guidance about safety recommendations on feeding.


• Always unplug the appliance and ensure it is cool before cleaning any part.

• Remove water reservoir and empty all water out of the unit.

• Wipe the exterior surfaces as well as the inside of the heating chamber with a damp cloth or sponge using mild soap. DO NOT submerge the unit in any water or liquid.

• Removable baskets are dishwasher safe (top rack) or wash with soapy water. Rinse with clean water. Air dry.

• DO NOT use scouring pads, abrasives or solvents for cleaning.

• DO NOT disassemble the product. There are no serviceable parts inside. TO DE-SCALE THE APPLIANCE: It is important to de-scale this appliance every 4 weeks to ensure that it continues to work properly. Pour all remaining water out of the water chamber and reservoir. To de-scale, mix 2 oz (50 ml) of white vinegar with 4 oz (100 ml) of cold water in the water reservoir, and then run the mixture through the bottle warmer as you normally would until any scaling has been removed.

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