Cubbees Rules and Regulations

Cubbees Rules and Regulations

Cubbees Rules and Regulations

Postby admin » Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:10 pm

The purpose of Cubbees forum is to provide a place for public to gather, discuss and share. Breach of any rules below will get your posts deleted or removed. If the case is very serious, your account might be suspended permanently. Please read our rules and regulations before you use the forum.

1) Do not engage any activities that are forbidden by Malaysia Law.
2) Do not flame people.
3) Do not spam or open multiple threads with similar messages.
4) Do not post any referral links, you have to insert all the relevant information and pictures inside the post.
5) Do not post pornography pictures, videos or any other useless materials.
6) All threads and posts must be in English, Chinese or Malay only.

When banned, you may appeal to with valid reasons.
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