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How to purchase

How to Purchase using

Buying as member of

1st step: Choose the product that you wanted to buy. We of course recommend users to register first as member to purchase items for ease of buying. Then click at the ADD TO CART button to proceed to checkout page.




2nd step: Below image showed that after you have click on the ADD TO CART button, a checkout page will displayed. Here users will decide whether just buy an item or want to buy more to add in into this shopping cart. Users also can change the quantity of the item and also we will show you the shipping charges. Let say the user just want to buy this item so we proceed to next step which is clicking the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.


3rd step: After clicking the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button, a member of that is registered, our system will automatically show users their address. To proceed next step click ‘Bill & Ship to this Address’.



4th step: If users already are member of, that time registering details users did enter all the information that are required. System will automatically jump to Step 3 of the Express Checkout which is Shipping Method. Here user can choose either Free Shipping which is FREE or Skynet which cost RM6.40. Then click at the ‘Continue’ button to proceed.



5th step: After clicking ‘Continue’ button. Step 4 which is Order Confirmation, where user need to re-confirm the order such as the quantity, the price and the total price. Then user needs to choose how they want to pay. There are 3 methods which is Manual Online, Credit Cards or Collect and Pay in Store.




Paying Method 1: Using Manual Online Transfer demo.

After you have tick on the Manual Online Transfer and user need to tick on the Terms & Conditions before you can Proceed to Payment. After clicking the Proceed to Payment button, users will see below images if they choose Manual Online Transfer.



Paying Method 2: Using Credits Cards demo

This page shows that what credit card payment available. Then users need to fill in the form details in order to verify by bank and




Paying Method 3: Using Collect and Pay In Store demo

Once click on the Collect and Pay in Store it will show user a page that how the process of pay in store that are required. Below is the image of choosing method Collect and Pay in Store.



Buying as Guest

 If users don’t want to register as member, we don’t force people to register. User can buy item as a Guest. Below is the image after non-member chooses their item and click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. Non-member users need to tick on the Checkout as a guest. Then click ‘Continue’.


Then Step 2: Billing Details which we required users full details and information. After finished enter your details click on the ‘Bill & Ship To This Address’ button.




After entering details and click on the ‘Bill & Ship to this Address’. Below non-member user choose either Free shipping or Skynet. Then click on the ‘Continue’ button.



After clicking ‘Continue’. Non-member user will direct to Step 5: Confirmation Order. Here user will choose payment of their choice. Refer to Paying Method 1, Paying Method 2 and Paying Method 3 above.